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Hi. I'm Ariel. I'm seventeen. I like music, photography, makeup, SPN, and horror movies. I'm a writer and a mental health activist. Welcome to my blog c:

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restroom air dryers are a great way to warm your hands before wiping them on your jeans

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I text back embarrassingly fast

or three hours later

there is no in between

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  • Officer: C'mon people, clear the scene--
  • Me: this ain't a scene it's a
  • Officer: dont u dare
  • Me: gOD
  • Officer: stop
  • Me: dDAMN
  • Officer: SToP
  • Me: ARMS
  • Officer: rACE
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who’s iggy iglesias

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“You are enough. You are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are.”

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Forgive me by monstakes cat,eyes,sorry

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SO EXCITED FOR FALL…. out boy’s new stuff

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ideas for a self care day:

  • sleep in and stay under the covers when you wake up, get very comfortable and warm
  • if you want to get out of bed, pick something cozy to wear
  • drink very cold water or hot tea
  • doodle aimlessly
  • read a book you love dearly
  • sleep some more
  • go outside, even if its just your backyard, and relax
  • look at tiny beautiful things like flowers and ants
  • listen to music that makes you want to dance and dance your heart out

pls be kind to yrself and yr body i love u

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